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Default Re: Syncing drums & music on Android

Thanks for the replies guys. However, I think I might possibly have found a good all in one solution. It would mean upgrading to the Zoom Q8 (about 300) which has 2 x XLR inputs for extra mics or line in sources. Has anyone here experience of the Q8?

As far as I can tell, the built in X/Y mic capsule doesn't get disabled when plugging in extra sources into the XLRs. So I presume that means that I could feed an mp3 into an XLR socket and the Q8 should hear and record the song, while simultaneously recording the drums from the built in mics, and of course the video. Can anyone confirm?

Also, since there would be one spare XLR input remaining, I could plug a mic in for the bass drum which would really enhance the weight of the overall sound.
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