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Default Re: Simon Phillips B-Sides - The Rarities

Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
Simon Phillips - Dancing Men / Buddy Rich Burning For Buddy.

Hi Ian

You remember putting this link?

I found this on Simon's Website yesterday, I thought you'll be interested... it's from the misc question pages...

Hi Simon, I recently watched back the video tape called "The Making of Burning For Buddy". And you performed a song call Dancing men. Your performance on that song is really amazing. I have some questions on the song and hope you can still remember it.
1. You're wearing the headphones, was it use to monitor the whole band or use it for click track monitoring.
2. You played a vamp solo during the middle of the song, after 2/3 of your solo, you had a unison with the bass player, was the unison comes spontaneously or it was already written on the chart?
3. Before the cut, how many times you'd spend to rehearse with the band
4. Was it one take for the song or you'd tried few times?
Best regards,
Stiv Yau (Hong Kong)
Ha ha - that's going to take some remembering!
1. Well - the headphones were to hear everyone in the studio - there was no click track.
2. It was all spontaneous - no plans!!
3. I think we ran it down a couple of times before taking it.
4. I believe it was done in one take - in other words no drop ins. Probably take 2 or 3.
It was so much fun playing with that band - I wished I had had more time to prepare for it though.

I'm Swissman
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