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Default Re: Why can't I play as technical or quick when i'm on my own as opposed to with my band?

I'm kind of in between those two sides.. on one hand I can play more freely when I'm alone, but I can't seem to focus on one basis of a beat for too long, whereas when I'm playing with a band I am forced to focus more and the music gets me into it (although I don't have a problem getting into it when I'm playing alone, but I get way too impatient with myself and try to do things I can't yet do instead of perfecting things I can). But when even one person who's not playing and is just watching is in the room (unless I know them well), my playing dramatically worsens, it gets even worse than the worse times when I'm playing alone and with the band. hehehe....

You're lucky! I seem to be 30% good and 70% bad in all playing situations in different ways, except in the last aforementioned situation where I'm 90+% bad... :P

About the metronome thing, I've only played a couple times with a metronome and I wasn't really into it, but at the same time I liked it... hahaha I suck, always on the fence. But I think it may have been my mood at the time (and very likely the fact that I was playing on a left-handed set which virtually disabled me from doing any fills, bummer), coz I can totally imagine getting into playing along with a metronome. I like both groovy, organic-y beats and very choppy mathematically accurate ones :)

Editing to correct the last sentence, I think mathematically accurate beats with the utmost precision can also be groovy, and more organic-y beats can also be choppy (though I think the latter may be less common). Anyway you get what I mean! :)
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