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Name: Ginger Baker Master Drum Technique
Rating: ####
Price: about €25
Target audience: intermediate to advanced drummers
Worded rating:
Ginger Baker explains his approach to using rudiments and african polyrithmics in a way that is very easy to understand. His explanation of african polyrithmics makes it all look easy - yet it isn't.

One thing that bugs me about the presentation is the way Ginger looks throughout the DVD. Years and years of smoking affected his voice, and made him to look more like Gollum than any man should do:

Despite that, the DVD is inspiring, and makes you want to practise polyrithmics and rudiments which is always a good thing. There's also some performances included where he shows how his approach translates to a real musical situation. And if you miss a beat, there's also a slow motion recording of most of his exercises. So for the price, I see no reason not to buy it and learn from an excellent drummer with a very nice approach to drumming.

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