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Hi Drizzle,

But my problem is that it doesn't feel right, it feels like I'm playing the three parts in a sequence (just lining up the bass drum with the first or second ghost note ) so I play the ostinato but it doesn't feel like I'm playing 3's over the latin bass drum pattern.

My question is, did I learn it in a wrong way and made some sort of shortcut and totally missed the point of the exercise, or is it just a normal step in the process.

Does it only feel strange when you're sticking it as R L L ? One of the things that always surprises me when I play these types of exercises - is how some very fundamental co-ordination things can catch me out. That's why I wrote out the "tool boxes". They look like exercises for beginners - but to play them accurately (with nothing flamming) is actually very difficult. I still practice them now because I know that I could make them feel better. They address quite basic problems. It's a bit abstract to work on patterns that you're not going to perform - but they sure pay off in the end. You're doing exactly the right thing in identifying the problem area - and then just going over and over that area. Remember - it''s not just this particular rhythm - it's any time you're playing something with two ghost notes with your left hand and you've got to play a bass drum note exactly with one of them.

Perhaps you're focusing so hard on the groupings of 3 (R l l ) that you're changing your perspective and starting to hear it in triplets - and the bass drum notes are sounding like some odd syncopation underneath them. This is the whole point of the book - it challenges your "perception" when you're faced with two (or more) superimposed ostinatos. Try pedaling quarter notes with your hi hat foot. That should keep your mind in 2/4.

Hi atman,

Any plans for coming to Spain? ... Spain exists! :-)

we love coming to Spain - but it's not going to happen on this next tour. There's many places all over the world that we'd love to go and play in - but it's quite a complex procedure planing/routing and booking a tour.

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