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Default Re: The dreaded drumshare.

Just showing up expecting to play on somebody else's kit is bad planning. Usually if I'm sharing I know it. But I'm ok with people asking.

But sharing in general is fine - that's maybe half the shows I've played. If the set is miked, and it's all local bands, you tend to share. If there's a touring band headlining, maybe all the openers share and you only have to tear down one set. If the sets aren't going to be miked, or it's a huge show with a bunch of touring bands, you don't share (swapping out sets without a soundperson is easy enough). You usually know the deal beforehand.

I kind of prefer sharing in small clubs - there's a club here that doesn't, and the stage room is packed with three band's worth of gear, two pool tables, and a hundred college kids holding PBRs. Anybody who's played JC Dobb's in Philly during the "brick pillar" era will know what a pain it was trying to get everybody's gear in a tiny corner next to the stage without blocking the emergency exit or the stairs. Sharing comes in handy. Fewer vans trying to find parking!

I'm actually a lot more annoyed, when everybody brings a kit, and the band breaks down the kit onstage afterwards, goes and gets a beer with half the kit still onstage, whatever. Get the f off the stage, man.
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