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Default Re: The drum shop no more...

My town has never had a dedicated drum shop that I know of, but the local music stores all had cool drum departments. The last of those closed probably over 10 years ago, perhaps closer to 15 now, and all we have now is a Guitar Center. I don't have the issues with that place that some of other forumites have, but even so, it's not the same experience.

We do have a couple of small shops that sell primarily used gear, either outright or by consignment, but the selection is terrible and/or unappealing, the prices are ridiculous, and since they're basically just guitar shop that have some drum related items in them, the staff actually knows less than the typical GC employee.

One of my favorite things about travelling is finding if there are any actual drum shops near where I'll be staying. I'll generally try to find an hour or two to get to one and I make sure I've budgeted funds and space so that I can bring something home with me.
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