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Default Re: The drum shop no more...

Originally Posted by Nate'sKit View Post
Buddy Rogers? I can't say that they were all that great to me. Not terrible, just not that friendly. They still have the repair shop and one store in North College Hill. They only do school band stuff now.

Ray Lammers was downtown and they had a woodwind specialist that was super knowledgeable and often steered me in the right direction when I played sax. Spent a whole day in there trying out mouthpieces under his guidance. He said that he did alright. I didn't choose the most expensive mouthpiece in the store. Just the second most expensive.

They had been around for a long time back when WLW had all of those live radio shows which included live music of course. Then into the 70s when some of the local TV stations had live bands on the Ruth Lyons, Paul Dixon, and Bob Braun shows. Not the best place for Rock and Roll instruments though.
Yep, Buddy Rogers. The one on Harrison moved a lot more rock equipment than NCH. And I loved Ray Lammers! Bought drums, harmonicas, trombone slide oil and other stuff there. Can still see it in my mind's eye...
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