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Default Re: The drum shop no more...

Originally Posted by SquadLeader View Post
Pubs over here is the similar theme.

This entire country used to be absolutely buzzing with pubs and ram packed. The town I live in (Heywood, Lancashire) used to hold the record for the most pubs per square mile of any town in the country. Plenty of other little towns and villages would boast similar records.

The Government brought a smoking ban in public places (including pubs) into legislation. That, alongside the low price of alcohol in supermarkets means that people can simply no longer be arsed going out to the local. The 'local' is almost dead in this country.

So we now have a country of old, classical, huge, buildings....former pubs...which are boarded up and left to rot. Very sad.

And the pubs and live venues left behind. You're lucky to have an audience of more than a dozen people in there (unless a bespoke music venue with an existing and regular audience...some still exist). But the idea of thinking "it's Saturday, let's go watch a band down at The Jockey and Whip"....DEAD for all but a tiny minority of people.
Not just a theme in the towns - same thing has been happening in Liverpool for years.
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