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Default Re: British Drum Company

In the former Premier post that has disappeared , I said something like this :
The near death of Premier sounds like real pity

I don't much understand the energy and money spent in building a new drum company from scratch instead of rebuiding a brand with a great history and a strong brandname.
In France, Premier used to be strong, and the 80's - 90's models (I own one) are well-known, even the basic line like APK / XPK have better reputation on the second hand market than Tama RS, Mapex or Pearl Export.

British Drum Company or Natal may make great products (I don't know their products), nevertheless, they'll take a long time to get the reputation of a more than 60 year old brand. I understand that you're mostly from the US where Premier isn't as popular.
When I started drum in the 90's, Ludwig and Gretsch were out of the market, they came back really big time in the 2000's. Premier can (should) be saved the same way.
I think Premier is a great name (it sounds great - this french word, isn't it? And the red P is a strong symbol) ; it deserves really better. At least in Europe they should boost their distribution and communication But It looks like they're under paliative care...

About British drum company, I like their badge and their products are nice. the legend serie is beautiful and seems perfect, the snare seems great, too, but by now how about distribution ? I don't even find any prices.

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