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Default Re: Calculating fuel costs

Does where you rehearse have "lockers"?,
Where you can safely &securely leave your kit there?. If so &you can afford it I'd strongly advise to do so as this would both minimize stress&time.Also if you can afford another cheaper kit to leave at rehearsal place?.I used to have 3 kits ,
1x practice kit at home,
2x rehearsal kit,
3x live/touring kit.
Both the practice & rehearsal kits were as cheap as possible&I was able to leave the rehearsal kit safely&securely at rehearsal studio.It was 40-45 mins travelling time from my home to rehearsal,
If I left from work I not only halved the travel time but also saved $ in gas not too mention no stress
As my rehearsal kit was there&if for whatever reason I was running late,
I'd call ahead&my bandmates would bring/drag my kit out&set it up for me.
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