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Default Re: How do you cover band drummers learn a whole set list in just a couple of weeks?

Originally Posted by ERock82 View Post
So, for you drummers out there that can do this, how do you proficiently learn songs under 30 mins? I've heard guys like Kenny Aronoff had to fill in last minute for someone famous and wrote out 20 charts, listened to the songs on the plane ride the next day, ran through some with the band backstage and played the whole set great in front of thousands. I can't imagine doing that.
That moment you realize why universities have music programs...

If you had a very valuable skill, like being able to learn 50 songs in a few days, and you depended on this skill for your livelihood, would you give it away for free?

The drummers who can do this often teach lessons, and they're happy to show you, but not for free, of course. There are several charting methods out there, taught on YouTube, and I don't use or teach any of them, because they're not very quick, readable, or they're not detailed enough.

You have 3 weeks, which is plenty, if (and this is a big "if") you have a good process for learning songs. But once you have good charts, you'll have them on hand for any future gigs.
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