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Default Re: Eddie Hoh (Fast Eddie Hoh)

Thought I would post a couple of passages from GO WHERE YOU WANNA GO The Oral History Of The Mamas & The Papas by Matthew Greenwald concerning Eddie Hoh, the first a quote from Jim Mason [band Webster's New World] and the second from Denny Doherty [The Mamas & The Papas]:

Jim Mason: ...I remember... going to some club with John and Denny and... Eddie Hoh... We all ended up at this club late at night, like a blues club - and I remember that these guys all jammed... Eddie Hoh had these luminous drumsticks, and at one point in the show it would go to a black-light or something, and there was just this blur of drumsticks - it was awesome, real showmanship.

Denny Doherty: ...Eddie Hoh from Chicago. Poor bugger, he died. But we had a lot of fun with him...
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