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Default Re: Eddie Hoh (Fast Eddie Hoh)

Looks like I am not alone as to what happened to "Fast" Eddie Hoh:

I sent an e-mail to Al Kooper asking him what he knew, he came back with I think he died young in a automobile crash.... key word "think" not good enough for me, recently while I was surfing around the web I came across Jim Reeves site he had done some work with Harvey Brooks (bass player on the super session lp) I ask Jim if he had any old photos or heard anything about Eddie Hoh, unfortunately his answer was no and that he had not seen Harvey Brooks since the 70's dead end... the journey continues. Harvey Brooks has a web site and is also listed on you tube "viewfromthebottom" he has a little segment / video where he talks about the Super Session Lp. among other sessions he was part of very informative, I sent off an e-mail to Harvey asking him what became of Eddie Hoh? his response... last I heard Eddie drove his motorcycle into lake Michigan, he didn't say he had passed on, ok light at the end of the tunnel, I posted my e-mail note from Al Kooper on another web site inquiring about Eddie, and received a few responses, other people have inquired about Eddie as well, a policeman from the west side of Chicago suburbs sees Eddie on a regular bases walking down the street talking to himself... he has mental health issues and considered homeless and very reluctant to discuss his past, he has a couple of friends to look after him. It was also mentioned that he bought a set of drums a couple of years ago, so...I'll back off looking for Mr. Eddie Hoh I've satisfied my curiosity it would have been nice to shake his hand and tell him what I thought about his drumming... maybe another time, good health to you all.
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