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Default Asking for some advice from a Medium-Beginner

Hi im asking for some advice here because i feel im stuck in my drum learning process.

Its been 5 years since i started playin drums (i was 35), but as of today i feel that i improved very little. I practice after work, around 1 hour, i cant last longer because usually im tired and im prone to lose focus very quickly.

In particular mode i noticed that my time perception and feel is very volatile and tend to change a lot from day to day. Yes, there has been small improvements over time but im struggling to be consistent. It is also very dependent on how much (mentally) tired i am.

I was wondering if studying by counting aloud with my voice could help me developing more my internal/physical timefeel, in order not to being forced on rely just on my "mental" timefeel. Do you usually count aloud while studying or is it just a method taught to beginners ?

Thank you
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