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Default Re: How to remember what i played for jazz solo?

Originally Posted by pt3407 View Post
...The point for me is to be able to improvise the solo while remembering what i played. How can i progressively expand my memory while improvising?...
Well, it comes a moment in oneīs playing that itīs a bit like phrases with words...Example (in a conversation): If you exposed concept A, and you want to use explanations B and C to support it, you better know from the start (A) what you wanted to state, otherwise, most likely your explanations tend to be erratical at most, WHICH NORMALLY I FIND IS THE WAY WHAT MOST PEOPLE TALK, jajaj.

But since jazz drumming is something more serious than politic, and other subjects, in that especific case you mentioned (and I outlined in my answer) if you have trouble to remember what you played before could be: 1) you donīt play very concrete phrases 2) you might not be able to "hear" the phrases... 3)there are no phrases in what you play (hahaha!), etc...

In any case, you donīt NEED to solo like that, but itīs useful to have that "weapon" in your "arsenal".

Here a VIDEO of me playing (from year 2000), sometimes using that concept, at least on the first 4īs:
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