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Default Some honest advce re ears

Hi drummers, without wanting to bore you all, Iím basically a major hypochondriac. Iíve been drumming seriously for a year and have worn ear protection religiously. I wear in ears AND some of this industrial Peltor things over the top. And yet I still freak about my ears. I feel a bit of pressure in one of them, and it leads me to think things like Ďno matter how much I protect my ears, itís impossible to escape ear damageí. I never have ringing in my ears after playing or anything like that, but Iím just worried to be told that some how my ears are absorbing damage, no matter what I put over them. And it just gets me down and bummed cause it ruins something I love.

But am I just nuts?! Can anybody tell me it IS possible to be a drummer and not get hearing damage? Thanks all.
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