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Default Re: Vinnie Colaiuta...the unsung Hero.

Thanx to Amazon, I finally got the Cd Live at Blue Note Tokyo (Chick Corea's Akoustik Band) where Vinnie took Weckl's chair and Oh My : one of the best drumming ever recorded IMO : virtuosity, musicality, energy, feel, fire, passion, pocket in one set ! Amazing !
The CD is very difficult to find because it was realeased only in Japan .
Check out also the drum battle on drummer world where Vinnie is doing at the end of the video a gesture with his head that says : I am Vinnie Colaiuta and I just owned the place, Weckl and Gadd can go on retirement I don't care!Priceless ! Just look at the end of the segment, his gesture is so cocky and arrogant I like it !!!

Vinnie who ???
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