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Default Re: Making of Neil Peart's R30 Kit

Originally Posted by BenjaminCamelot View Post
Oh yeah, no kidding. I went to DW's Factory Day over the summer last year and I was absolutely blown away at how DW makes their drums. I remember my dad telling me that he'd buy me a DW kit because he was also blown away by the craftsmanship there. It would've been interesting if Neil came out with another kit that had the black finish with the big red stripe around the middle of the shells that he mentioned a little bit in the video.
I'm envious. I've added two serious contenders to my dream kit list (Yamaha and Sonor), courtesy of direction and advice from two Drummerworld members, however, if all still points in the direction of a DW kit when all the dust settles, I'm going to seriously consider boarding a flight and spending a day at the Oxnard Factory.
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