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I am currently playing a Ludwig Acrolite 14" x 5" Snare Drum with the Evans ST Dry head and I love its sound. It's very reminiscent of Dave Krusen's snare from Pearl Jam's first album, Ten. I'm looking to upgrade it though. Of all the snare sounds I've heard my favorites would have to be Dave Abbruzzesse's snares. Songs like Glorified G on Vs. define he sound I want out of my snare. I know he favored 12" x 7" Brady Snare Drums. He was a recording genius though I mean almost a different snare sound for every song on Vs. Listen to Go, then Animal, then Glorified G, and then Rearviewmirror all of those are differences in snare sounds that were not caused by a simple head replacement or electronic touch-ups or alternate tuning.

I am looking for that Glorified G Dave Abbruzzeese snare sound ot the This Is not for You snare sound. I know there are studio variables but I've heard enough live performances of dave to confirm that what he played is around what I'm looking for. Though I tend to lean towards steel snares because i like their high end attack and focus Abbruzzesse's useda 12 x 7 Jarrah Block Snare, a 12 x 7 Sheoak Block Snare, and a 14 x 8 Jarrah Ply/White Gimlet Basketweave Snare all made by Brady which are way expensive since I would have to order it directly from Australia.

I've been looking into Joey Jordison's signature model which is 13" x 6.5" and I'm drawn to it though I feel it's almost too focused as much as I loike focused snare sounds I like a small amount of resonance rather than none at all. If anyone can tell me what they think of Joey's snare or give me any other ideas or suggestions as to something similar to Dave's I'd appreciate it. Sorry for the lengthy post i tend to babble.
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