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Default Re: Question about Shell Tone and Tuning w/Tune-Bot

Originally Posted by yammyfan View Post
Interesting... I might purchase a RESOTUNE II but for now I'm extremely pleased with how well the Tune-Bot works. My drums sound an order of magnitude better with it than they did without.

I think I understand how the tune-by-ear guys feel about the Tune-Bot now. The RESOTUNE seems even more precise and "artless" for lack of a better word when compared to the TB, and that must be how the TB appears to the "ear" tuners. I find myself thinking "I don't need to get that fiddly" when that's probably the reaction I get when evangelizing the Tune-Bot!

Im not knocking TBOT, its a useful tool, and yes IMO way better than ones ears on a daily basis.

There 'is' a big problem with RTUNE II, you get so accustomed to tuning accuracy that if your drums fall a half step out of tune you'll be driven crazy, and if you sit in on any lesser tuned kit, you'll be depressed and have to go into shut-out mode and rely on your brain to create the notes for the drums, ear plugs recommended. I play a lot of drum kits that are tuned to ass.

RT II trains your ears for drums, its basically evil that way. You've been warned.
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