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Default Re: Question about Shell Tone and Tuning w/Tune-Bot

Originally Posted by Zeus Mutation View Post
Oh Wally... you are just sending me down that rabbit hole. lol Thanks for the clarification.
Wally is right. T-BOT is only reading one head, the other head is muted, drums don't function that way, unless you're tuning a single headed drum.

Tune the heads to the appropriate lung tension that in total equates to that overall fundamental note. Striking the center of the drum gives you the fundamental.

Dependent on how hard you strike, and where in the center you strike? It 'is' ballpark, but its not next level accurate.

Another weakness of TB is the user is required to produce the sound to be read, there's a big inconsitancy there, and its a lot of work IMO, you go nuts tapping and tapping, and you'll never be as accurate as a devise which generates a tone for you and uses that tone to vibrate the drum heads, then calculates the difference between the tones.
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