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Default Re: Question about Shell Tone and Tuning w/Tune-Bot

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Drums can be tuned to notes, I do it all the time. A good tuning on a round and true drum can yield a "pure enough" tone.
They can be tuned to a note, without a doubt, but the fact that the OP tuned two different sized floor toms to the same note (frequency) and yet one sounded lower to the ear is an example of what I mean when I say you can't necessarily think of drum notes the same as guitar or piano notes.

Another example - remember the video of Guru snares all tuned to the same lug frequency for comparison, and yet the 13" snares sounded lower than the 14" snares? That's what I mean. Just because you tune the head to a certain note doesn't mean that is the note perceived by a listener. I think that's a good thing, personally, for a number of reasons.

EDIT - here's the snare drum video. All tuned to the same notes on the Tune Bot.

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