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Default Re: Question about Shell Tone and Tuning w/Tune-Bot

Lee Bro - Thank you for the comments.

I do the same, tune to what my ear likes and then tune-bot the evenness. I also never had a tool to truly see how the degree of adjustment changes things. No doubt for me, the tune-bot showed just how much a small adjustment changed things.

I then wanted to know what each drums frequency would be as it just started to ring above wrinkle. What note is this and gee... what notes could this be, etc. It was fun...

I think knowing the auditory ability of humans is a range, and not everyone can actually hear all those frequencies, puts the tune-bot into a interesting category. I don't care what my ear says... the damn note or frequency is... indisputable. So where for a century we drummers only could ear tune, we now have a device that not only helps us ear train, but gives us control as we haven't had before.

I'd be interested to hear just how many folks tune their intervals to known frequencies and those who ear tune the same intervals, just not knowing said notes. I guess many don't think intervals in precise ways because we hadn't had the tools? IDK, just thoughts... Plus, I want minor third intervals because I play with heavy down tuned guitars. Our drum intervals matter regardless of which we choose or how we get there.

I really am trying to love the 14...
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