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Default Re: Question about Shell Tone and Tuning w/Tune-Bot

Hi All!

So, my DW drums are originally a 5 piece with a 12, 14, 16 tom set up. 1 up 2 down. I added a 10" tom. The intervals for the floor toms are 7 semi-tones apart, a perfect fifth. 16D, 14Bb Odd, and the 12Eb is at a major 3rd, 4 semi-tones away.

My preference in intervals is the minor third... 3 semi-tones apart starting at a second octave C (C2). I want my kit tuned to C2-E2-G#2-C3

I've tuned my drums to these notes... but the 14 sounds bright. Oh, and I have the X-Shell wich is supposed to be a low timbre.

My quest really started in attempting to get the shell note to ring as stamped. I found my intervals were way to far apart for my taste. Not really smart of me to learn after the fact...

Now, do I take the kit back and get closer to my desired tuning or just tune the drums to these notes and accept it?

The 16 sounds warmer and of course lower than the 14 tuned the same way. Both darn drums ring at 82Hz and the head tension is almost the same too... just the 14 sounds higher overall.

Also, part of my problem is I'm coming from a 70's Ludwig of 14x14 rack, 16x16 Floor, 16x18 Floor and a 14x26 kick.

Wondering if the 14 is in fact great, I just need to get used to its sound? IDK..

Thanks so much for the feedback!
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