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Default Re: Question about Shell Tone and Tuning w/Tune-Bot

Originally Posted by Zeus Mutation View Post
So... to add... I just tuned my 16 x14 Floor tom and my 14x14 Floor tom the exact same, same tensions, same heads, same overall fundamental note. The 16 sounds lower... even my wife thought she heard a difference.

I don't know what this means... but its interesting.

I went down this rabbit hole, It helped me get good at tuning drums, but some how confused me also. Could be the heads, the wood, bearing edge, hoop, even the room..

I was taking my toms into another room to tune them and could not BELIEVE how good they would sound, then put em back on the kit and pure garbage. I have also got some weird readings doing experiments, but I usually go with the tunebot being right..

I'd go online and use their calculators. they seem to be pretty good. I usualy go one step lower than they have though.
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