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Default Re: Raising your game to work with pro's. Tips, tricks and advice?

In terms of the music, no matter how cliché it sounds, you have to serve the song. Pros expect their fellow pros to be seasoned enough to know what works. It mostly comes from experience, but a good ear will tell you what kind of parts, fills and dynamics work best for a given song that sounds like another song you're familiar with. In other words, if it worked once it will work twice. Or three times. That's not being too lazy, or playing inside the box - it's doing what works (serving the song.) Unless of course you're going to singlehandedly revolutionize drumming!

There's a personality dynamic. Be a good bandmate. No serious arguments or any attitude that makes you undesirable. There are plenty of other drummers to take your place. Don't give them a chance.

And there's general pro behavior: show up early for rehearsals and gigs (if you're on time, you're already late.) Keep your gear sounding its best, and bring only what you know you'll need. Don't pick and choose gigs, do every one you can. Pros work because they don't say no unless they can't say yes.

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