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Default Re: Raising your game to work with pro's. Tips, tricks and advice?

Years ago when I started playing with really seasoned and outstanding musicians the bassist, who was the band leader told me his perspective was simple, Nail the beginnings and endings of the songs and any tacets within the body of the songs.....all the other shit is easy, it's just music. If we couldn't play music we wouldn't be there.

It stuck with me. Every band I have been in I make sure we nail the beginning and ending of every song and you would be surprised at how nailing those simple things raises the perception of the product on stage......"you guys were really tight"........simple shit goes a long way.

Most gigs I have played, people are there to hear music, not hear or watch a drummer......usually if they notice me it isn't a good thing......occasionally there are songs in sets where the focus will be on me, but I never pushed for a "drums forward" song to stroke my ego.......check the ego at the door with a new gig and find your "space" in the band dynamic and be flexible.
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