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Default Re: Why Do I Play Drums?

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Ok, ok, settle down now.

Yes. Totally agree. I say that drumming is social event with the sole purpose of lifting others higher.
Life Is! That's why the "spirit" became the FLESH! To ENJOY the TRIP! Nature is harsh....folks are being EATEN by predators. The Human Being is the only creature who can realize what we can. (Although my Cats are quite sentient, I have no doubt!) We are the ultimate pleasure seekers. That's why they will never wage a successful "war on drugs" (the drugs that "big pharma" doesn't own, anyway!) -because "ever since we lost our innocence, we've been trying to get it back". No good sending ME to "rehab" mate, I'd have everybody there back on the sauce and whatever else! From a purely philosophical standpoint!
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