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Default Re: Why Do I Play Drums?

That's easy. I like making people dance, especially women. Their hips mesmerize me when they dance. So naturally I prefer to play in a manner that makes it really easy to dance. It's my secret power.

Drums are the best instrument for me because I understand....completely.... how loud, obnoxious and repelling they can be, so I try and tame the instrument, so it gracefully adds to the music instead of detracting. A bull in a china shop is not my idea of good drumming. Yet that's what I see mostly.

I boiled it down to this: I play for everyone else's benefit, period. Meaning the singer, the lead player, the rhythm section, and the dancing public. Then drumming becomes greater than the sum of it's parts, that's my goal. That's my secret weapon, to play for the others benefit, and turn upside down the general perception of drummers.

I even have an equation: 80% listening 20% playing. Listening to everything else is #1 in my head. It dictates what I play, at what volume.

Excluding myself from the playing equation brings me everything I seek, in abundance...which is basically approval and recognition for doing my job in a positive way. It's a backwards approach from what I normally see, which is drummers who are still playing their self important drum part and missing the big picture that is the music of the song.
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