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Default Re: Have you ever stopped playing / practicing?

I'll be honest. I don't practice alone much at all. Sometimes I only play once per week at band practice. I'm more into playing with other people rather than practicing alone. I'm always worried about making too much noise at home.

But, I still get the auditions nailed. I just had one with some top notch players and they want me back. So, even though I don't woodshed a whole lot, the practice that I do get is productive. I would like to practice more on the set, but my living circumstances don't really allow for it. Good thing for talent and natural ability. Like Larry was saying in another thread, much of practice is mental, and I do think a lot about my parts. I go over stuff in my head.

To answer your question, I haven't really stopped playing for any great length of time.
Drumming for fun.
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