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Default Re: Stanton Moore here

Originally Posted by guygroomes85 View Post
I watched a couple of his solo's and him teaching and i just couldn't see it. He seemed kinda egotistical and i wasn't super impressed with his playing. Maybe i need to check some more videos out. Any recommendations
Troll bait?

I went to one of his recent jazz trio shows. The guy was extremely nice during the show and utterly refused to take a bow, despite it being his trio. He kept deferring praise to the guy playing bass (a real weirdo with Doc Brown hair and a question mark suit on, but man he could play) and the pianist.

Afterwards he stood in the corner to greet people and sign autographs, something few of the acts do. I was second in line behind a woman with 40 things she was clearly going to sell on eBay, but he signed everything with a smile, talked to everyone in the line, even let me make a joke about how short he is and waited patiently for us to frame him and me in pictures.

As for the playing: it's New Orleans jazz and second-line, it's supposed to sound a little loose. But I don't know of any other player that comes close to his level in that genre.
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