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Default Inner Clock 2! Follow up!

Inner Clock 2 / Finally here!

Its finally here! Inner clock 2! The follow up of the extremely popular "Working the inner clock" book.

NOW!!! I have a new collection of play alongs designed and written to work with the Inner clock concept in mind. Each track targets specific subdivisions and grooves. 16th notes, 8th notes etc. In groove settings and ensemble figure settings. Here is what you get.
Each track will have:

- A chart

- An in depth and extensive analysis / breakdown. Complete with all independence and playing concept exercises that you will need for each tune. Playing suggestions and tips.

- This is something new! Each track will have different versions. Each version changes in tempo in increments of 5 BPM. So that you can really work out your vocabulary, slow and fast. This gives your grooves a chance sink and and get solid!

When you purchase a track you will get an email with…

- The complete PDF files.
- mp3's with all the Tempo versions. Example / Version 1 = 95 Version 2 = 100 Version 3 = 105 Version 4 = 110 Version 5 = 115 Version 6 = 120

Also = All updates as they happen. You will be placed on a mailing list and notified of all updates. Then I will send you any updated PDF's or mp3's

Interactivity: Additionally, you will be able to request versions of tracks. Example: Need more click in the mix? Need less? Want no click at all? Need a slower or faster version then already exists? No Problem!

Have any questions about the charts? Post them on my blog and I will answer so that a FAQ section is created.

If you send in a recording of yourself playing the track, I will listen and give any additional tips that could help to improve or enhance your performance.

If you send a video clip of your performance I will feature it on my youtube page and we can all share in the feedback by participating through that site (This is optional. If you don't want it posted i wont)

This is just the beginning and many more tracks are coming. Feel free to write me with any questions or feedback.

To order you can go directly to my blog

Thanks for reading
Live to play!

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