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Originally Posted by Chunky - Hellraizer View Post
Do you ever get nervous still?

I know it's a daft questions seens as your so experienced but, when your mixing with the worlds best musicians and these days one mistake and your out, it must be pretty scary.

Do you ever have 'had nights'? I've never saw a top session guy ever waver, ever!
And believe me I listen out for it. It terrifies me that people can be so perfect.

Is it for real?
Sorry it took me so long to answer you been a bit busy. To answer your question no I don't get nervous at all. I used to get nervous but since I've been doing this so long and have such confidence in my playing I don't get nervous at all. Taking that into consideration I think your also asking if I have bad playing days and nights. YOu bet I have. There are still those Occasional days where I just suck. LOL Hey it happens. Somedays are better than others. I would say I am on my game 95% of the time but of course I still have some days and shows where I feel I just didn't play that great. I don't worry about it, its part of life man, you have good days and you have not so good days. But the one thing I will say is I never have a bad day. I play drums for a living and i am always thankful for that so no day is ever that bad.
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