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Def love Will Calhoun!!! The video in this thread is great as is pretty much all his videos. What I like is that it's not just another video of him going HAM on what people call "Gospel Chops" which to me is strange to call cause I grew up calling one's ability to play chops, and what they do I would call shredding (like guitarist) anyways another thread another day.

So growing up in a suburb of Kansas city, I heard about new CDs from the critique section of Modern Drummer magazine or if they said something on the radio. No social media, no internet. I remember reading about Calhoun's first solo CD "Housework" and was like "I need this". fast forward to college 98-99, sophomore year I'm in the pep band for the Men's Basketball team. We get a bid to the NCAA Tournament. 1st and 2nd rounds are in Charlotte, NC we win both rounds. We head to the Reginals in Rutherford, NJ. We lose to Duke, of course. Anyways while there we got a free day in NYC, so me and the other drummer are out and about and head to a local drum shop. Looking around having fun, on the checkout counter is Copies of the CD for sale!!!! So I bought it right away. Mind you in the 4 years it had been out I couldn't find it anywhere else.
I still have the CD!!!

also learned something later that day. We went into an "electronics" store, looking around and I saw a CD player that was cooler than anything I'd seen. So I asked the guy working there how much, and after he negotiated (for both of us, lol) I was walking out with a sweet CD player at what I thought was a great deal. Found out through Circuit City that evening he had "negotiated" back down to what the CD player was actually worth. HAHAHA I was 19, never been to New York or a big city really, so what can you do!!

I came away with a life lesson you can't google, a cool cd player, a great CD from Will Calhoun and a fun story i'll remember forever.

To sum it all up, Will Calhoun is great!!!

thanks for reading.

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