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Default Re: Derek Roddy

Originally Posted by tomk View Post
I totally agree with pushing yourself to get better, but is that really getting better? You are doing a different technique to acheive the same result musically, which really, musicality is more important to me than an alternative technique that takes up practice time, that acheives the same thing musically as something that takes less effort.. I mean, shouldn't we be making things easier for ourselves and easier on our body so that we can be more creative?

yes. it's making you have more speed, power, endurance, and precision by blasting with one foot. then what you need to do is alternate feet. blast with your right foot for awhile, then switch off to your left.

Originally Posted by tomk View Post
I mean in reality, there isn't much in the death metal genre you can do to be creative.
NOT TRUE. two words: Romain Goulon:
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