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Default Re: Derek Roddy

Originally Posted by DreamTheater4life View Post
When Derek was in Hate Eternal and Nile he used triggers. now he doesnt

Derek blasts with 1 foot. he always has. and George is far from egotystical. he's a really nice guy. he just thinks blasting with 2 feet is "cheating" because you're not pushing yourself with your feet. He thinks you should always push yourself to get better. You do that with 1 footing. 2 footing you're just going half the speed with each foot so there's no progress made with your feet there.
I totally agree with pushing yourself to get better, but is that really getting better? You are doing a different technique to acheive the same result musically, which really, musicality is more important to me than an alternative technique that takes up practice time, that acheives the same thing musically as something that takes less effort.. I mean, shouldn't we be making things easier for ourselves and easier on our body so that we can be more creative? I mean in reality, there isn't much in the death metal genre you can do to be creative. There is only one death metal band that I've heard that blew every other death metal drummer I've heard, out of the water. I suggest you take a look at Yattering, they disbanded i think, but that drummer was awesome. His name is Zabek. I should post a song or a music video they had for one of their songs.
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