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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hi Gavin
Originally Posted by Gavin Harrison View Post
I was trying to cut down on the amount of spill coming from the hi hat into the snare drum mic (shure sm57). since I started with the Audix i5 mic on the snare the problem seems much less - so I don't use the foam anymore.
Know you which difference between “Shure sm57 "VS Audix i5?
I seen the characteristics Audix i5, perhaps is much more low,but really I do not know like sound. Can you say of what about of this?
I use Shure sm 57 top and bottom with "Royer at 84 shock mount" I seen this to use, Bruce Swedien recording session photo on Royer Lab site.
This is Jennifer Lopez session with Omar Hakim.
Very thanks for your time.
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