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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hi Raygun,
thanks for the kind words.

Hi Leper,

I've been working on Anesthetize right around 6:18.

Your picture is too small to see. If you look back a couple of pages on this thread to post number 1407 you will see that fill written out.

Hi Massik Kretal,

What do you think is your biggest weakness on the drumset?
And what about in Percussion in general?
And then what is your biggest strength in both?

I don't really think in terms of weakness and strengths - so I can't think of a good answer to them. I'm not a percussionist in the traditional sense of the word - I don't really play congas, timbales, tablas, marimba etc...and don't really have a passion to become a great percussionist - there's plenty of them out there - and I really enjoy playing with them when the chance arises.
I think my new weakness is in answering your questions - sorry.

Hi angelo,
Mainly these books. I haven't really studied any others that I can remember so I don't have a comment to make about them.

Charlie Wilcoxen snare drum book
Fred Albright's "Contemporary Studies for Snare Drum"
Ted Reed's Syncopation
Gary Chester New Breed
David Garibaldi Future Sounds

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