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Default Re: Snare Drum Comparisons

Thanks for the responses. Y'all are very astute and I love it!

I assume the standard position snare is getting picked up by the bass drum mic? I can certainly hear additional & slightly disconnected bottom end compared to the remote snare.
Excellent point, Andy. The kick mic was unmuted (i.e., "on") only when the full kit was played. When the kick is not played, its signal is muted and we are hearing only a snare mic & overhead.

I also muted whichever snare was not being played so that we hear just the snare mic & overhead (and kick if the full kit is being played) for a truer sound of each drum. See attached screen grab. The grayed-out areas in each track are muted. Much better than gating, IMAO (In My Amateur Opinion).

For sure, there is more throat to the voice of the Starphonic (my terminology); more lower frequencies to its primary sonics. It is very obvious when the drum is tuned a touch lower, but for this comparison I wanted them tuned pretty close.

And if you listen carefully, when the drums are played without any muting or wires, the Starphonic has higher pitched harmonics in its decay. But once the snares are on and the Moon Gel applied, its tone seems to drop below the SLP. I was surprised by this, and thought maybe the wires on the SLP were too tight (which causes pitch shift).

In my amateur experience, the SLP has a relatively narrow "sweet spot" for its tunings. The Starphonic has a wider range for its tunings. Here's an example of it tuned for a fat rock sound (and EQ'd & mixed to fit the tune and make it sound good and make me glad I purchased the drum).

I'm not doing this to show off amazing chops (obviously). My reasons:
  • With all the drums available to us, hopefully this will help guide someone to their personal choice, regardless of brand/model.
  • I'm also hoping that others who are new to the recording process can see what I've done to get the sound they hear; thus the geeky gear list.
  • This is a personal exercise for me. Kinda like homework. Set up the kit, put up some mics, get a good sound. If not, try again.
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