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Default Re: Can memory locks be sexy?

Originally Posted by Skulmoski View Post
However, I wish my USA Customs came without memory locks. I just might be in the minority of drummers who just don't get it.

But yours do look very nice.

I'm intrigued as to why you think that. Aesthetics?

Originally Posted by eric_B View Post
Hi Andy,

The bass drum spurs look great, another detail which has been giving serious thought. And (R&D) costs.
I figure the memory locks would be aimed primarily at having the same angle to the bass drum and less how much the arm retracts into the bracket?

Another detail which caught my attention looking at pic #5: the bass drum appears to have outer rings on the batter and resonant side (for strength?) and the bass drum lugs seem attached to those instead of mounting them sideways into the shell as usual. What's the thought behind that?
The memory lock performs both functions of course, but primarily, it's purpose in life is to retain rotational position. You can either tuck our spurs into the side of the drum (note rubber O ring around spur end assembly to protect the shell), or you can remove them.

As for the external rering design, that's our Origin series drums. Have you lived in a cave for the last three years? :) :) :)

Nothing to do with strength. The shells are completely undrilled. That has strong sonic benefits in terms of overtones & fundamental balance. Even the spur brackets, floor tom legs, etc are mounted away from the primary resonant portion of the shell. There's multiple videos of these drums available, & a new video to be shot next month featuring the 2014 Origin series drums :)

Here's a couple of shots of the inside & outside of an Origin series tom :)
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