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Default Results of 2nd Craigslist ad session...

So just got home from playing over three hours with the five people (including me) that we put together to play. Here are the highlights/lowlights in case you're interested:

I didn't do anything fancy but kept up with most songs and one of the guys even said he was impressed with my consistant timing :)

One guy we know will be someone we won't play with again...very strict, wants everything his way and we were able to tell very quickly that if we were to form a band, he'd quickly take over and be very controlling, everything from what songs to play to how to play them the way he wants them done - don't need that! For example, we did a bluesier version of Led-Zep's Rock and Roll (a little slower, a little more soulful). It actually sounded great and I picked up on a great groovin blues beat pretty quick. Anyways, this guy hated it and his opinion is if it's not note for note the original, it's not worth playing. While I see that opinion, I don't actually subscribe to it, especially at my level.

The other guy was great. Right up the BF's and my alley from music tastes to making the music all about fun, and we will definitely being getting together again. He was a good guitar player, an okay lead singer and was definitely in it to have fun. He was great to work with and the three of us read each other really well. :)

The keyboard player's reaction was hard to read even though he was the one guy we already knew going into this.. He seems to be a good keyboardist but not sure what his take away was but we'll ask him to join us if he wants to with the other guy. If he doesn't want to, that will be fine as well.

So, overall, we had a good day, found someone we want to play with and who we work well with and we'll see where it goes from there. I have work to do but I love playing with other people as I seem to do pretty well keeping up, even if it's just a beat and no fills. I like it being more about the "feel" of the music than trying to get every thing down stroke for stroke.

All and all a fun and successful day :) I'm beginning to feel like a musician (sort of) lol.

Thanks for all of the support!
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