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Default Re: BBC Documentary about Rock n' Roll - The Drummer

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
yeah. that is a little heavy ---- and in the past. this is 2012.
i'm colourless - er scottish decent and we were prejuidiced against by the english. i don't gripe. that was great great great grandad's problems.

the fact is any group of people set aside and lumped together and given a rough time in any way due to something arbitrary like race creed religion or ... choice of insrument, that is just wrong. but yeah at least guitarists are not wearing sheets and burning crosses in our front yards.

and at the end of the day - humans rip into things 9/10 out of jealousy. they all know we chose the coolest instrument.
How did this degenerate into a "can you take a joke or not" thread?

There seems to be a measure of "Victim culture" in this. I am a drummer so I have to feel like a persecuted minority? What the!!!!! People are not jealous because we are drummers, they don't care, and neither do I. I play the drums cos I like it and If I could think of a good drummer joke, myself, I would tell it to my friends and they would laugh. Not at me, cos I am a drummer, but at the joke, If it was funny.
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