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Default Re: BBC Documentary about Rock n' Roll - The Drummer

Thanks for the support Daisy. No one must be sick of the jokes as much as me I guess. Except my girl Daisy. I go into a lot of detail about how I feel here, but outwardly, all I'm saying is if someone tosses me a drummer joke, my whole agenda is about the snappy comeback. Instead of just laughing it off, I am encouraging a smile, with a witty comment designed to give the person a more powerful taste of their own medicine, and let them deal with being the butt. That's all. I wouldn't get all wacky over it like I am here, I would just cut into them right back, that's all. Just offer a snappy comeback, maybe even get a little personal to make a point, perhaps ridiculing a clothing choice, hairstyle, or something of the like. That's all I am saying. Hey it's all a joke anyway, right? I just want to reverse positions with the D-bag, and let him squirm, so I have the upper hand, that's all. That would make me feel good to fire something right back. One small step for a drummer, one giant leap for drumming-kind, that's what I'm talking about.

Long live the snappy comeback. Just as useful as the single stroke, the double stroke and the flam. Drummers should have a whole arsenal of snappy comebacks. Perhaps I'll write a book. Any suggestions?
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