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Default Re: Does DW re cut drums?

Originally Posted by Timmy_G View Post
How the hell do u tune a 22 x 20 kick? I've gotten better sounds from my tama rockstar and pearl export kick drums. it's too boomy for me I can get it in good tune. Help!
An increase in depth, beyond a certain point, increases the amount of overtones - both ones you want, & ones you don't want. It effectively takes the drum's delivery further away from the fundamental. The "boom" you refer to is partly the resulting overtone soup. There's nothing wrong with deep drums, they can sound great, but it's all about controlling those overtones. A shallower drum will deliver a higher ratio of fundamental to overtones. That gives it a clearer sound & greater tonal definition.

The big marketing hype that promotes deeper drums as automatically delivering more low frequencies, by virtue of their increased depth alone, is pure BS. Don't get me wrong, harmonious overtones are a good thing, They flesh out / thicken the tonal delivery. Think of them as offering a similar effect to applying chorus to a bass guitar, but it's all about balance. Too much overtones & you get mud. Too little & it all starts to sound like a sine wave.
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