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Default Re: Where can I get a snare weight?

Originally Posted by iwearnohats View Post
I'm with you, Gruntersdad.

People need to waste less money on gimmicks and just use their own ingenuity a little bit. And let's be honest... There are already a million ways to effectively dampen a drum using stuff you already have.

I'm sorry, but anyone who spends this much money on something to muffle their drum needs their head checked.

As a couple of guys have said, it's the sort of thing your non-drummer partner would buy you for a birthday or something. If you buy one for yourself it's just sad :P
Well, I'm not hatlessone. These ideas can be revelations and actually cause improvements to our playing or the act of preparing to play.

Would you call the Kelly SHU a gimmick? I was one of the first people to ever have one. I took a chance because the idea appealed to me. Many, many years later, it is still in my bass drum (many bass drums it seems) and is a flawless piece of gear that really adds value to me and my set-up.

I guess a SHU or a quick release cymbal topper would be a gimmick to you, but to those of us duking it out in the field, the time savings of such 'gimmicks' is exactly what we need to make the teardown process bearable. And if my S.O. knows me well enough to buy a gimmick for me, I will thank her profusely. (see my thread on the DW Tambopedal)
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