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Default Re: Pat Petrillo here!

As long as it's coherent, musical thought, it's achieveable thru repetition and breaking it down.

I truly believe we are all just trying to reinvent the wheel in some ways. I have found by teaching students to memorize immediately, they become more in tune with their ability to retain many concepts like orchestration, phrasing and ultimately creativity
lovely answer pat. thanks. how do you teach students to 'memorise immediately'? as a self taught drummer i played drums for 12 years before i began to even attempt to read...and to be honest i NEVER ever read while playing these days. i read and figure something out (from the latest drumming mag for example) and then play it by heart because that was the only way i knew how for more than 2 thirds of my career. is this what you are talking about? this kind of essential drumming memory? i feel that reading while playing would get in the way of my flow particularly as i often have to sing and play as well.

to refine my original question.

let's say that a pupil of yours was learning a totally new rudiment...say the flamacue. you had in a lesson showed them how it is done and by the end of the lesson you were satisfied that they understood the pattern but a week later they came back and told you they were having problems organising their practice. what practical advice would you give them in terms of setting up a schedule and/or break in the new rudiment. what in your experience has been the best way to organise practice? how long to play the exercise at a given tempo, how often etc?

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