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Originally Posted by JohnoWorld View Post
Pet peeves, loads, but drum related:

-Non Sonor drums not staying in tune :-)

-"new" products being released every year - seriously drums are a bit of wood, a bit of metal and a bit of plastic (for the most part), personally I don't think there is much point in buying brand new kits these days because the places to try them hardly exist anymore. You end up buying without hearing which is just silly.
- Drum replacement therapy - simply learn to play/record/mix drums properly and then you won't need to use technology to cheat, just enhance.

-The myriad of cymbal options - The only "innovation" that has meant anything to me is the cymbals with holes in to cut sustain. The rest is just a baffling array of nonsense. Still nothing wrong with my set of 20 yr old Avedis' and 3 yr old Paiste Signatures.

- Marketing and DW and prices - DW are absolutely no better or worse than any other kit and my personal opinion is that they don't suit rock drumming at all. However, because all the major artists (as in those playing stadia and tv shows) all play DW, this apparently means they can charge the earth for them. As I said earlier, drums are bits of wood, plastic and metal, marketing means that these drums have some kind of mystical aura about them, they don't they're just drums. I had a collectors maple and a collectors birch with VLT, both were average compared to high end kits by other manufacturers. If DW charge the same as other companies, it wouldn't be a peeve.

- Durability of heads - I used to use G2s but now, for some reason, they pit after 1 session. This never used to happen and if anything I hit softer so for me (despite their protestations when i asked them) I have to change. As a result I've spent far too much on finding the right head. Again, you can't try them out becuse it's used as soon as you put it on. I now use Evans Onyx (after 100's of quids spent)

- Bass drum pedals - Seriously, what idiot pays more than 400 for a double pedal? Yes I'm talking axis and the like. I recently bought a new pedal, in the only shop close to me they actually had a load to try! amazing. So I tried pearl direct drive, axis and gibraltar direct drive but settled for a simple, new Eliminator. With Axis, is drumming now nothing more than 1 upmanship? If I see anyone with an axis pedal I think "Daddy's got a trust fund". I can afford one, it's just a massive waste of money

yeah I should probably stop there
I agree with just about everything you've said here.
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