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Originally Posted by JustJames View Post
I have to come to the defence of the tambourine here.

My kit has a tambourine mounted on the hi hat stand, and it's awesome.

You can't play Day Tripper without the tambourine...that would be just wrong.

When we first started playing it I asked our then singer if he wanted to do the tambourine part, and he just looked at me with a rabbit in the headlights look. Maybe the prob is you're used to seeing the tambourine abused by people who can't be trusted with even the simplest of instruments?

I also use my tambourine for:
the outro of Back On The Chain Gang
the chorus of Echo Beach

And don't even think about being rude about wind chimes! :)
And if you ever have to play "Walk Like an Egyptian" you'll want it.

I agree on the value of the tambourine. You can fake it on the hi-hat but nothing does 16ths like a tambourine!
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