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Default Re: Vintage Zildjian Zyn Hi Hats

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
Zyn cymbals were not made by Zildjian. Zyns are typically not worth too much, unless you can make out the words "Super Zyn" or a star in the logo. Even then, they're not worth as much as their Zildjian counterparts. Probably the closest comparison, price-wise, is Zyns sell for *about* as much as used Sabian B8s, and Super Zyns sell for roughly what used XS20s sell for. They're cheap enough to keep around, I'd get the sound of Paiste/Ludwig Standards for the price of used Sabian B8s. Score.

Zyn = not much.
Super Zyn = surprisingly a little more desirable. I can only imagine nostalgia has more to do with this than the quality of the pies themselves. I've met quite a few guys (including me) that learnt on these things and seem to look back on them with fond memories.

Either way, they are Zyn......not Zildjian and as such their going rate won't be the same.
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